Monday, May 2, 2011

My Sister's Keeper :D

I chose to read My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult.
The main characters are Anna ,Kate ,Jesse ,Brian and Sara.
Kate has had Leukemia since she was really young. The only reason Anna was born was so she could donate bone marrow to Kate. Anna was getting sick of giving bone marrow and to add on top of it all ,Brian and Sara (her parents) want her to donate a kidney to Kate. Anna hires a lawyer to try get the right to her own body.
Brian is a fire-man and has been putting out a lot of fires in the same area. Jesse found out that he wasn't a donor match for Kate and got really upset. They later found out that it was him who had been starting the fires. It blocked out his pain of not being able to donate and make his sister better.
Anna agreed to donate her kidney in the end, but Kate talked her out of it because she was sick of surgery.She knew she would die without it but didn't care. She was the one who convinced Anna to get a lawyer.
Anna wins her trial and gets legal right to her own body. No body is angry with what she done and just get on with things.
Campbell (Anna's lawyer) was driving in a car with Anna in the passenger seat ,a truck hit them out of nowhere. Campbell made it out alive but Anna was left brain dead. Everybody was so upset ,especially Sara. She had been planning her other daughter's funeral and really wasn't expecting this.
In the hospital ,the doctors asked about organ donation. Campbell being Anna's lawyer tells them that she would have wanted to give the kidney to her sister.
Kate got the kidney and survives! ,she describes in the end that eight years after Anna's death. She is getting better because the kidney is working. Her Dad overcame being an alcoholic. Jesse is now a police man and Campbell got married :)

This book was really really good. It was really sad to see what the whole family went through while Kate was sick. This is my second time to read it and i will definitely read it again :)

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